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January 2020

Harrison Model Congress Succeeds at Princeton Competition

The Harrison Model Congress team competed at the 2019 Princeton Model Congress in Washington, DC.  The Model Congress team engaged in numerous practice debates, bill editing sessions, and team bonding activities to prepare for the competition.


The team has established itself successfully among some of the best and most competitive student-legislators in the country. At the Princeton competition, Harrison students competed against some of the best schools in the country such as Saint Anne’s of Brooklyn, the Dalton School of Manhattan, the Latin School of Chicago, and the Trinity School of Manhattan.


The Harrison team took home two gavels (Best Delegate) and five honorable mentions. Their best delegates are as follows: Jack Kelly (Blue Senate Judiciary) and David Griff (White House Small Business and Entrepreneurship). There were five honorable mentions for Harrison: Remy Rabin (Red House International Relations), Roya Azar (Full White Senate), Christian Spadini (Blue House Judiciary), Graham Napack (Blue House Government Reform), and Aidan Lefkowitz (Orange Senate Foreign Relations).


While in Washington DC, the team toured the Capitol Building and visited the White House. As emerging leaders in politics, it was imperative to view some of the most historic and significant monuments in our country.